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Check out our first new release before the masses.. Urban Lights.

"URBAN LIGHTS": Street artists often represent the light of their community
Pandora Marie and Boogie Frantick turned the famed sculpture at LACMA into a fluid movement playground over electronic beats produced by Darrick “Quali-D” Fields. This video was a project produced by Little Box Of Hope, a creative collective that creates interpretive hip-hop dance, art, music, and theater pieces. It only made sense to make a video that tied together the magic of Popping with LA art, at the late Chris Burden's sculpture. Under the Artistic Direction of Darrick Quali-D Fields and Pandora Marie, Little Box Of Hope brings the soul of the streets to the forefront. LBOH Radio is a project consisting of 10 songs that will be tied to 10 creative videos depicting urban culture. Subscribers can download free music from the videos featuring some of the best street dancers of today.

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Pandora Marie
Los Angeles, California
With a unique childhood background and roots in underground Hip-Hop and electronic music culture, Pandora has become a world-renowned artist who is on a mission to prove that the human spirit can indeed triumph over difficult times. Her ultimate goal is to use experimental performance art as a vehicle to share wisdom and inspire inner strength.

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